How to regain lost momentum?

Do you ever experience a lost of momentum? A strength that you can’t regain? Unfortunately, it happen to all of us. But those that can overcome these deficiencies, are those that can reach their life goals. A journey to an epic life is never easy, you need to make tough decisions along the way. However, […]

what you do now dictate your future

What you do now dictate your future!

Monetary growth doesn’t come from a sudden windfall, hitting it rich, or playing the lottery. It comes from small deposits, repeated over times, resulting in big gains. It is the same with your determination to strive for success that come with finance stability. What you willing to do now, to sacrifice now, to change your […]

key to become your own boss

How to become your own boss?

  Do you ever felt that you have been treated unfair by those people around you and especially criticism from your boss? How will you react? Some people will just prepare a new cover letter, new resume and immediately applying for a new job. Seem like a last minute plan for your career. But do […]

How to manage your finance

How to manage your finances?

How many people hope that they were born in a millionaires family, the path of life that been set up nicely and just waiting for you to walk in. I dreams about it most of the times that my life is drafted out perfectly without worries about my future. But every morning when I woke […]

Atkins Diet

How to start Atkins Diet to your Epic Life

Atkins Diet, South beach diet and GI diet, all are weight loss diet. Do you really need a weight loss diet if you have a balance and regular lifestyle? I bet you might when your age is catching up and your metabolism is slowing down. Weight issue is apparent when you felt your waist is getting […]

Choose to pursue your epic life

8 Qualities to pursue Your Epic Life

The choice is your’s to make. You can choose to pursue an epic life or you can choose to do nothing. You might not know how costly a choice can be until you see the consequences.  If you choose doing nothing, meaning not taking risks, not sticking your neck out and not sacrifice your time […]

Epic Life Pursuit

What is your Epic Life?

  My definition of epic life consists of  Wealth, Health & Freedom. First, I want a wealth that can pull me out of 9-5 drudgery work and run my own business anywhere in the world. Second is my health, god gave me only one life. One real life! I want to make sure that my […]

Too much information might not be good for your, but it helps!

Knowledge. You need it in pursuing your epic life.

Most bloggers were an expert in their respective field. They know how to utilize their knowledge and this how they become the expert in people eyes. I think knowledgeable man or woman is the most powerful person in the world. You don’t need to be an expert to earn others respect, all you ever need […]